Roll on over for some Sushi on Burnet Road

By Steve Cook – BURO Editor

I recently interviewed Blue Awning Books owner Marshall Hamilton and he recommended that I visit his favorite sushi restaurant – Roll On Sushi Diner on Burnet Road. I did just that and talked with owner Chip Reed:

Roll On Sushi Diner owner Chip Reed – click for larger view

BURO: How did Roll On Sushi Diner get started?

REED: Roll On Sushi Diner is a very Austin-inspired concept. My brother and I began conceptualizing the idea about 12 years ago, then we actively worked on it for about 4 years before we finally secured our location on Burnet Road in November of 2010.

Our goal was to present a twist on traditional sushi (even though we do traditional very well!). We wanted to make sushi more accessible, fun and casual. Some people say we ‘Austinized’ sushi, and a portion of our menu contains Austin-inspired rolls.

BURO: Why sushi?

The ‘Hippie’

REED: Sushi is a very communal food. When a couple or a group come in, usually everybody gets a separate item – then a lot of sharing goes on. One of the biggest misconceptions about sushi is that it’s all raw fish. Sushi actually really refers to the rice. My brother and I are not tied by traditional boundaries so we start with a rice roll, which to us is a blank canvass – we’re unlimited as to the new items we can create.

BURO: Why Burnet Road?

REED: We looked at many Austin locations for over a year and a half before we settled on Burnet Road. Burnet Road is a growing road, with a lot of buzz and energy behind it, just like Austin.

BURO: What’s your favorite menu item?

REED: It’s actually an off-menu item called the Super Grouch. The regular Grouch is sushi rice with a soy wrapper. Inside that is roasted chicken, roasted poblanos, caramelized onions, arugula and jack cheese served with a chipoltle aioli sauce. The Super Grouch kicks it up a bit – we add our house-made guacamole and bacon. It’s quite tasty!

BURO: If the Super Grouch is off menu, can BURO fans still order it?

Roll On Sushi Diner on Burnet Road – click for larger view

REED: Absolutely! Just tell us you heard about the Super Grouch on BURO and we’ll make one for you!

Roll On Sushi Diner
5350 Burnet Road #2
Austin, TX 78756

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Need lumber on Burnet Road?

By Terry Porter – BURO staff writer

Home Lumber Company – 5705 Burnet Road

One of my favorite BURO businesses for over 50 years has been Home Lumber Company located across the street from Allandale Shopping Center. It has been owned by Frank Bomar and his family since the 40’s, I think. It has to be one of the oldest businesses on Burnet Road.

This is an old fashioned business. If you like cooky cutter hardware/lumber stores with no personality, Home Lumber is not your place. When you walk in the door you can feel the nostalgia. If you think this must be what a store looked like 50 years ago, you are right. Believe me Frank’s place hasn’t changed. There are no computers and modern cash registers. Frank still writes up my ticket in long hand and mails me a bill at the end of the month.

Frank was a friend of my dad and I tagged along with him many times to buy lumber and other supplies. They were both children of the depression and both could be cranky. My dad would ask how much something costs, then always gripe about the price. Dad would pick out lumber in the yard out back like he was searching through diamonds. And Frank would complain that he didn’t have time to wait around for him to find the perfect board because he had a business to run. It was all good natured fun and Dad always found what he needed.

I recently added on to my backyard deck and I purchased the lumber from Frank. Ken delivered it to my house at no charge just like he had countless times before for my dad.

If you need a specialty item for an old house you are restoring or live in, stop by Home Lumber. If Frank doesn’t have it in the back he will call around to his suppliers and find it.

There aren’t many mom and pop stores left and sadly Home Lumber won’t be around forever so stop by the next time you have a do-it-yourself project and you need lumber and nails. You can probably pick out your own lumber just like my dad.

Home Lumber Company
5705 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas 78756

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Chicken Poop on Burnet Road

By Frank Campbell – Frank The Movie Watcher, Book Lover, Pop Culture Fan

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon on Burnet Road

Judy and I were watching the latest episode of SECRET PRINCES on TLC the other night when we spied a familiar sight.

The show is absolute trash but it’s fun to watch because it takes place right here in River City. The premise of the show is that four European princes (all bachelors), have come to Austin and gone undercover in search of the women of their dreams. They live in a home that’s worse than a frat house, have no jobs to speak of and very little money. They must win over a would-be “princess” based solely on their charms and personalities, not their titles and possessions.

In their search for true love the four young men visit many Austin restaurants, clubs and bars. On the latest episode they went to a venerable Buro establishment.

No, not the Poodle Dog Lounge. The men went to Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon for a spirited round of the legendary game of Chicken Shit Bingo. It was great to see Ginny’s on national television but I must confess that I’ve never been there.

One of these days, after the princes have left town, I might just have to stop by Ginny’s for a cold one some afternoon.

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BURO Editors’ Note: Frank Campbell is known to film fans as the writer of the film notes for the Paramount Summer Classic Film Series in Austin, Texas. Frank authors a very popular blog – Frank The Movie Watcher, Book Lover, Pop Culture Fan and we strongly encourage you to visit it!

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A Revolution against Bad Hair on Burnet Road

By Steve Cook – BURO Editor

Yesterday I stopped by Salon Revolution, a unique hair salon on Burnet Road, and talked with owners Michael and Lisa O’Brien.

Michael & Lisa O’Brien – Salon Revolution

BURO: Tell us a little about your backgrounds.

LISA: I’ve been cutting and styling hair almost all my life. I had a very successful salon in Houston for years – in fact I still go back frequently to take care of my customers who can’t make it to Austin.

MICHAEL: After working for the local Budweiser distributorship, I decided to make a career move – and who better to begin my training with than Lisa! I then went to school for formal training and 17 years later I’m still here.

Stylist Rachel

BURO: Have you always been on Burnet Road?

LISA: We were in the shopping center at Windsor & Exposition in Tarrytown for 10 years, however the center owner (sometimes referred to as the ‘meat lady’) became too difficult to deal with so we decided to move.

BURO: Why Burnet Road?

MICHAEL: We weren’t even looking at this area, but our realtor suggested this location and we loved the space. We wanted it to have an industrial, unfinished kind of look and this was perfect. It was the exact size we were looking for and had nice vaulted ceilings. In addition there is ample parking for our clients. The space was empty when we took it over so we could build it out exactly the way we wanted.

BURO: Tell us about your clients.

MICHAEL: Our clients span all ages, genders and walks of life and being where we are on Burnet Road, we’re right in the middle of of that demographic! What I like is that every client is different and we’re not performing the same services over and over.

Let Julie pamper your nails!

BURO: What sets Salon Revolution apart?

MICHAEL: For starters I would have to say it’s our long-time loyal customers. We have five professional stylists and a manicurist and we’re easy to get to. We’ve been doing hair in Austin since 1993.

Salon Revolution
8303 Burnet Road, Suite 2
Austin, Texas 78757

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