High Tech on Burnet Road – for your CAR!

By Steve Cook – BURO Editor

NOTE: A huge BURO Shout-Out goes to BURO fan Garland Cole who told us of her great experiences with Tech One Automotive!

Based on Garland’s recommendation I stopped by Tech One Automotive and visited with owner Danny Wisian:

auto repair on Burnet Road
Tech One brothers David & Danny Wisian

BURO: How long have you been fixing cars?

WISIAN: I started right out of high school as a trainee and soon became a full-fledged mechanic.  Several years later I got my brother David into the business and we worked together over the years at dealerships until I opened Tech One.

BURO: Has Tech One always been on Burnet Road?

WISIAN: Yes – we opened 14 years ago on Burnet Road.  We’ve been in our present location at 8601 for the last 12 years, but we actually started out across the street behind a small car lot – we were there for 2 years.

BURO: Why Burnet Road?

WISIAN: When I first started looking for locations I had it narrowed down to Burnet Road or Lamar Boulevard.  I chose Burnet Road because I like it better!  We’re also close to a lot of parts suppliers and it feels like we’re in the middle of everything!

BURO: How would you describe your services?

Tech One Automotive on Burnet Road
Tech One Automotive – 8601 Burnet Road

WISIAN: When I first opened up I was a Honda/Accura specialist.  We specialize in Japanese cars, but we welcome American and European cars as well – we can work on just about anything.  We’re Triple A approved and members of the Better Business Bureau.  Our technicians are ASC Certified and we offer a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty – one of the best in the business.

Tech One Automotive
8601 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78757

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Dr. Pepper and Pigs on Burnet Road

By Steve Cook – BURO Editor

Editor’s NOTE: A HUGE BURO SHOUT-OUT goes to BURO fan Malena who contacted us about this story and supplied the great photo!

Dr. Pepper sign on Burnet Rd.
1940’s Dr. Pepper sign on Burnet Road – click for larger view

BURO fan Malena contacted us yesterday to let us know about a Burnet Road building under construction with a huge vintage Dr. Pepper sign that had been uncovered. We did some digging and found out that the building at 4805 Burnet Road will be the second location for the Noble Sandwich Company, which already has a successful Northwest location at 11815 620 N. We spoke to Noble owner/partner John Bates and asked a few questions:

BURO: Tell us about the Dr. Pepper sign.

BATES: During renovations on the new Burnet Road location, the current siding on the building was removed and under it we found this beautiful hand-painted 1940’s Dr. Pepper sign! It sat atop a business called the Sunbeam Market.

BURO: What will happen to the sign?

BATES: We love the sign and plan to do some restoration and incorporate it into the overall theme of the new location.

BURO: What can BURO fans expect at your new Burnet Road location?

BATES: The new location has lots of space and we’ll definitely have a bigger kitchen. Look for some new menu items. Also, breakfast will be a big deal here!

BURO: I’m getting hungry – when will the BURO Noble Pig open?

BATES: Our goal is to open sometime this winter.

Noble Pig on Burnet RoadNoble Sandwich Company – Coming soon to 4805 BURO!

Northwest location: 11815 620 N. Suite 4, Austin, TX 78750
(512) 382-6248

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Dirty Martin’s – NOT on Burnet Road!

By Steve Cook – BURO Editor

Editor’s NOTE: BURO fans please bare with me here... I know Dirty’s was never on Burnet Road but I also know that a lot of you are also long-time fans of Dirty Martin’s on the drag.

Dirty Martin’s Cheeseburger circa 1974

I’m a member of the FaceBook group Remember in Austin, Tx. when... – if you’re a native Austinite and are on FaceBookyou MUST join this group!  I saw a post there today about Dirty Martin’s and I couldn’t help but respond.

This is what a Dirty Martin’s cheeseburger looked like when the hamburger patties were still made by hand. I’ll always remember sitting at the counter and watching the cook (usually O.T. or Wesley) reach into the cooler under the grill and, using his bare hands, pull out a handful of raw hamburger meat. Then he’d throw it on the grill, flatten it with his spatula, and add some salt and pepper. That was all she wrote! Best burgers of all time!

Once the health department made Dirty’s use pre-formed patties, the quality went down some, but the fact that they’re still using the same flat-top grill adds that ‘seasoned’ Dirty’s flavor, even to the new patties.

Dirty Martin’s KUMBAK Place
2808 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705
(512) 477-3173

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