BURO! – Burnet Road in Austin, Texas

BURO!  Burnet Road in Austin, Texas

Welcome to BURO!  My name is Steve Cook – an Austin native and Editor/Publisher of BURO.  My full-time job is developing websites in Austin.  Having grown up here I spent a lot of time on Burnet Road – shopping, eating, and even going to drive-in movies!

frank-campbell-soco-mayor-austin-texasA little BURO History:  It all started with SOCO – Hipster Haven

I’ve watched Austin grow and change over the years.  I saw South Congress Avenue transform from a sleepy, almost rural lane (complete with hookers at night), into a hustling and bustling sub-community known as SOCO.  I hate to admit it but one of my best friends is the Mayor of SOCO.

Move over SOCO!

BURO!  Like fine wine, it’s time has come.

burnet-road-logoIt’s high time that Austin’s venerable Burnet Road, a.k.a. the Old Burnet Highway, received it’s own acronym – BURO!  We have articles about Burnet Road people, places, businesses & organizations and we feature advertisements from BURO establishments.

I invite you to post a Burnet Road article or story.  If you have a memory of Burnet Road or a business or organiazation on Burnet Road, please tell us about it!

ANTIQUES ON BURO! Out of the Past Collectibles

20 years ago my Mom made one of the scariest decisions that she had been faced with in her whole entire life:  to move North to 5341 Burnet Road, or to temporarily close our family business in order to continue her search for a South Austin location.

“BURO” at that time didn’t have a cool name – there were no cool bookstores, no hip or local restaurants.  Sundays at The Little Longhorn were the most happening days once Chicken S#!t Bingo started.

We had to make our own coffee, can you believe it?  We had been on South Congress for almost 7 years and we were worried our clients may not want to travel North;  plus – the walk in traffic on “SOCO” kept us pretty busy.

As a student at McCallum High School at the time I thought the move would be great!  I could walk up Houston and be at the shop to help daily on most days.  Now 20 years later it was one of the best moves our family has ever made.

Thanks for shopping local and supporting BURO‘s best antiques and collectibles shop!

Austin Doerr

Out of the Past Collectibles
5341 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78756

Burnet Road Thai Food – BURO yum yum!

WAT ZAB Thai Food:  Burnet Road’s newest food trailer


Pensiri Rios - Owner/Chef at Wat Zab Thai
Pensiri Rios – Owner/Chef at Wat Zab Thai trailer on Burnet Road

BURO reporter Steve Cook recently caught up with Wat Zab Thai Food trailer owner Pensiri Rios (nickname: Jenny):

BURO: How long has Wat Zab Thai Food been around and how did you come up with the name?

JENNY:  It all started 3 years ago when my mother-in-law and I came up with the name Wat Zab Thai Food.   ZAB means tasty, spicy, and delicious in Thai!  We’ve been in business in San Marcos for 3 years.

BURO: Why open a trailer on BURO?

JENNY:  I really wanted to share my mother-in-law’s 30 years of cooking experience and fabulous Thai recipes with the people of Austin!  What better place to do that than on BURO?!!

BURO:  What’s your favorite dish at Wat Zab Thai Food trailer?

JENNY:  That’s a tough question because everything’s good!  If I had to pick a favorite it would be our Pad Thai Noodle with Yellow Curry.  Its fresh and super tasty!


Where on BURO?  5000 block Burnet Road, Austin, Texas
Website:  www.facebook.com/watzabthai/

Introducing The Original Burnet Road Candle

burnet-road-candleRedRover Alley has launched an exclusive home fragrance line that includes a scent affectionately named, “The Original Burnet Road candle.” The new fragrance is a fun, unexpected part of their new World Traveler Home Fragrance Collection which features six luxury travel destination-inspired scents: Monaco, Oxford, Holiday in Lapland, Nottingham, St. Moritz, and…Burnet Road?

Yes, indeed. The Original Burnet Road candle is RedRover Alley’s homage to their home town, “favorite street and world-renowned destination for authentic, eclectic Austin.”

So, what does Burnet Road (the candle) smell like? “It’s an intricate fragrance and essential oil blend that is intoxicatingly musky, spicy, sweet with exotic patchouli and essence of berries with white amber,” said RedRover Alley president, Rachel Miller, “It’s delicious.” The World Traveler Candle line will debut this weekend at the Junior League’s A Christmas Affair Nov. 19-23. After which, she invites BURO readers to stop in over at their showcase in the Antique Marketplace and see…rather, smell for themselves while they last! According to Miller, they are going fast.

Visit RedRover Alley’s 1500 square ft. showcase at Antique Marketplace featuring European antiques, reclaimed, and new European-inspired home decor, garden and gift items. You can also visit our warehouse for even more European goods: RedRover Alley Warehouse is located just off Burnet Rd. and 183 at 9603 Saunders Lane, ATX 78757

For more info please visit www.redroveralley.com.


24 Years of Antiques on Burnet Road

By Steve Cook – BURO Editor

SMACK-DAB in the middle of Allandale Village on Burnet Road you can find one of the largest selections of quality antiques in Austin. I stopped in today and talked with owner Ben Hardin:

Antique Marketplace owner Ben Hardin
Antique Marketplace owner Ben Hardin

BURO: How long has the Antique Marketplace been on Burnet Road?

BEN:  We started in 1989 at 5350 Burnet Road in an old Safeway grocery building and we were there for 18 years. We then moved to our current location at 5806 in March of 2008 – that makes 24 years.

BURO: Why antiques?

BEN:  As a kid in Bosque county, Texas I found an old iris-patterned candlestick holder in a trash pile (I still have that!) I just like old things!

BURO: What’s your background?

BEN:  I’m a native Texan, born in Waco and raised in Bosque county. In college I earned a B.B.A. and a Masters in Education. In my earlier life I was an assistant superintendent in the San Marcos ISD.

BURO: Who shops at the Antique Marketplace?

Norah Thomas on Burnet Road
Norah Thomas is ready to help you find that perfect antique piece!

BEN:  We have a wide range of customers, ranging from folks looking for that perfect piece to put in their living room, to Hollywood set designers searching for Texas period pieces for their next movie. One of our favorite customers is a very famous actress who has called Austin her home (I’m not naming any names!).

Antique Marketplace has a wide selection of quality glassware, clocks, jewelry, pottery, silver, art, collectibles, and china.

BURO editor’s note: This is the first antique mall I’ve ever been in that is fully air-conditioned and fully carpeted!

antiques_burnet_roadAntique Marketplace
Allandale Village
5806 Burnet Road
10-6 Mon-Sat
12-6 Sunday

Tell us your story about Burnet Road!

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