BURO! – Burnet Road in Austin, Texas

BURO!  Burnet Road in Austin, Texas

Welcome to BURO!  My name is Steve Cook – an Austin native and Editor/Publisher of BURO.  My full-time job is developing websites in Austin.  Having grown up here I spent a lot of time on Burnet Road – shopping, eating, and even going to drive-in movies!

frank-campbell-soco-mayor-austin-texasA little BURO History:  It all started with SOCO – Hipster Haven

I’ve watched Austin grow and change over the years.  I saw South Congress Avenue transform from a sleepy, almost rural lane (complete with hookers at night), into a hustling and bustling sub-community known as SOCO.  I hate to admit it but one of my best friends is the Mayor of SOCO.

Move over SOCO!

BURO!  Like fine wine, it’s time has come.

burnet-road-logoIt’s high time that Austin’s venerable Burnet Road, a.k.a. the Old Burnet Highway, received it’s own acronym – BURO!  We have articles about Burnet Road people, places, businesses & organizations and we feature advertisements from BURO establishments.

I invite you to post a Burnet Road article or story.  If you have a memory of Burnet Road or a business or organiazation on Burnet Road, please tell us about it!

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