Drive-in Gestapo on Burnet Road!

By Terry Porter – native Austinite.

Burnet Road Drive-In featuring Matt Helm
Matt Helm (Dean Martin) comes to Burnet Road

I have great memories of Burnet Road and I still frequent numerous establishments. I probably played a couple of hundred rounds of “golf” at the old Putt Putt. And wasn’t Green Acres mini golf on BR? My dad was good friends with Frank who owned, and still owns, Home Lumber. If you need to match a piece of trim board for an old house, Frank will have it. My mother dragged me shopping every Friday morning to HEB and Handy Andy. My first job was at Handy Andy, sacking groceries for $1.36 per hour.

We sneaked Don Wallace into Burnet Drive-In in my 65 Mustang trunk. We let him out for the second feature, as I recall. It was nice to park on the back row because you didn’t have to walk up to the restroom to relieve yourself. Got caught by the infamous “drive in gestapo” once. Lawn chairs and beer at the Burnet Drive-In was pretty cool.

Can’t forget the Frisco, both locations. When my wife was expecting our first child, we ate at Matt Junior’s El Rancho. That wasn’t open too long but it was great. Liked to eat at the old Dart Bowl on Saturday mornings. Best miga’s in town. The first Jack in the Box I remember stopping at, late 60’s?, was on the corner of North Loop and BR.

I caught a long touchdown pass in 7th grade at Lamar Jr High. 40 years later I watched my daughter compete in a Cross Fit event on the same field.

I remember BR ending at about Anderson Lane when I was a youngster. Of course my dad told me 45th street was the furtherest street north when he was a kid in the 40’s. Lamar didn’t exist. Times change, not necessarily for the better.

I think I will keep calling it Burnet Road.

BURO Editors’ Note: The staff at BURO wishes to express our special thanks to Terry ‘T-Bag’ Porter for being the inaugural author on BURO!

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